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Marbella console table
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This One and Only SHAPE of Marbella's Slim Mirrored Console Table fits into any luxury-ASPIRING Living Room.
Presented on SLEEK tapered legs, with the TOP and side panels bevelled the Consol Table bring a DEPTH and sleek feel found only in Higher-End INTERIOR designs.
Knee Space: 65cm H x 55.5cm W x 30cm D
Feet Height: 65cm

Marbella Range* by Interiors InVogue leads the fashionable TREND of the Modern-Luxury Interior Design - that changes plain British homes into STYLISH mansions.
These Luxury Mirrored Furniture Pieces ELEVATE Your Home Interior along with your brand-new LIFESTYLE.

*LIMITED Time Offer (and will ONLY remain Active until the stock is GONE - once it's gone it's gone for good)
**Discounted Marbella Set it sold EXCLUSIVELY through Interiors InVogue Store
***Bonus: FREE Delivery on ALL items in our store! wood and mirror antiqued silver

Item Code: HAR125

Size:80cm h x 90cm w x 35cm d

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